Nowadays, when communication is the basis for the functioning of the processes, it is inconceivable that a modern companies don`t have a computer network. Even production facilities must be connected to a data network. Companies require real-time information from warehouse, logistics and processes. Control and communication, traditional systems and the universal ethernet grows together. New structures are established between offices, factories, supply chain and consumers. All this is susceptible to the most severe requirements, so absolutely secure connection is required.

Structural cabling solutions offered by FIBERNET M-K for your office are an investment in the future. We know the exact answer to your request, thanks to years of experience in the field of structural cable systems.Heaven on earth does exists, we create it!

FIBERNET M-K has intelligent solutions suitable for fully linked offices and data centers whether open or closed types. They can withstand the harsh environmental conditions and meet extreme industrial requirements in terms of safety, affordability, cost discipline and efficiency. The modular principle helps the user to respond flexibly at any time and to new demands.

Efficiency requirements for communication networks are rising rapidly. On average, office cabling solutions remain in place for ten years or more. This means that the conditions for future applications must be evaluated and taken into account immediately from the initial planning stage to the final process.

For this purpose, from our range of products for structural cable solutions, we offer:

- LAN installation cables
(from Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A to Cat 8.2)
- RJ45 connection modules
(from Cat 5e, Cat 6 to Cat 6A)
- Outlets
(for on-wall, in-wall, for channels)
- 19” Patch panels
(24-port, 48-port and 60-port)
- Patch cords
(from Cat 5e, Cat 6 to Cat 6A)


Whether it's primary or secondary cabling, and whether it's any kind of low-band copper cables, Fibernet M-K as a full-service provider creates future high-performance office communications.

Our team consists of certified and experienced engineers, designers and installers, trained and familiar with equipment from various manufacturers. Accordingly, depending on your needs, we can help you to enjoy the benefits of modern communications without headaches.

Our services in the field of structural cabling include:

• Consulting services - selection of equipment and technology based on user needs and development plan
• Designing – developing a network data plan according to a given situation and a client's request
• Sales - we offer products from several renowned manufacturers of structural cabling equipment (telecommunication cabinets, channels, cables, patch panels, etc.)
• Installation – installing channels, telecommunication cabinets, panels, utilities, cables, while adhering to the latest TIA / EIA standards
• Documentation of performance - drawing and marking of the performed installation on the basis of the floor in CAD programs


FIBERNET M-K uses the products and solutions of the global leaders R&M and CIMABOX