In a world that is continuously changing, the transition to sustainable energy is becoming more and more inevitable. Choosing solar energy not only reduces costs, but is an investment in your local community. At FIBERNET M-K we are committed to investing in the way you harness the power of the sun. Our expert team is here to guide you through the path of implementing solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) systems, enabling an easy and optimal transition for your business to green energy.

Harnessing the sun's potential

At FIBERNET M-K, we believe that every location has potential for solar energy. That's why we take an innovative approach to the process of project analysis and field evaluation. With the help of our advanced tools and expertise, we accurately assess the solar capability of your business. From analyzing the fall of the sun's rays to evaluating shaded areas, we use all the resources to maximize the production of solar energy and optimize your investment.


Jinko Solar Panels & SolarEdge Inverters: Winning Combination

Quality is of great importance when it comes to solar solutions, which is why we work exclusively with top manufacturers in the industry. FIBERNET M-K exclusively offers the panels of Jinko Solar In combination with the inverters from SolarEdge – a winning combination known for its performance. With the most advanced technology and outstanding efficiency, these products guarantee that your solar installation will perform at its best, ensuring significant savings in the future.

Our commitment to deliver the best solar solutions is reinforced with the introduction of energy optimizers from Series S at SolarEdge. These advanced optimizers enable a new era of security, simplified installation and smart remote monitoring. At the same time, this technology allows your solar panels to always perform with maximum efficiency, regardless of the external circumstances.



Safety is paramount in every solar system we install. With SolarEdge's pioneering technology, we go beyond conventional measures to protect your solar investment. By identifying abnormal thermal events in the connectors of the current optimizers, Sense Connect optimizers prevent the formation of electrical junctions, ensuring lasting confidence in the performance of your system.

Live The Advantage With Us

At FIBERNET M-K, we are more than just solar panel installers. We are your energy partners, committed to providing outstanding service and ongoing support. Our team of skilled professionals ensures a seamless installation process, handling all aspects from planning to execution. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we are proud to turn your vision of a sustainable future into reality.


In addition, our team will provide you with visibility of your production after installation. Through the most modern software solutions available, you will have the opportunity to monitor the parameters of your photovoltaic panels, and our team will be notified immediately if you need system service.

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