Nowadays nobody can guarantee the safety of unwanted disasters. At a time when technology reaches its peak, we use an enormously large number of electronic devices in our everyday life. The larger their number, the higher the number of consumers of electricity. They may be a direct or indirect fire hazard. Often, the cause of a fire can be the electrical installation itself, and most often the human factor. Regardless of what the fire may cause, the best protection against it is its detection and it is still in the initial phase.


We offer the following products for fire protection for residential and business users:

- Fire detection and fire alarm systems
(Conventional and Analog)
- Smoke and fire detectors
- Peripherals
- Fire protection sirens
- Fire protection alarms
- Manual fire protection systems

In addition to the wide range of fire protection products, we offer a portfolio of products whose main advantages are:

- Proven quality
- Great performance
- Intuitive programming
- Optimized design
– IP конективност

FIBERNET M-K uses products and solutions from the renowned brand OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS.