Electrical installation is a combination of electrical equipment installed by common electrical power supply to fulfill a specific purpose. Electrical installations may look mysterious. There are some basic requirements for electrical installation, and some things people need to know about them. Quality of workmanship, performance standards and possible hazards are some of the more important issues in electrical installation. So call us to implement a practical and appropriate solution for you. contact us to implement a practical solution for you.

The new technology requires a very wide range of new electrical installations. They are very different from the old systems, especially in communications, media systems and IT areas.

All electrical installations have their own regulations. FIBERNET M-K accordingly adheres to the following:
• We adhere to the standards
• We respect the requirements for best practice and safety
• We provide certified components according to safety rules
• We implement the solutions with properly trained staff

There is one rule in electrical installations – as much outdated it is as greater danger it can create. Therefore, any outdated or amateur-built installation should be re-developed, primarily because of the safety of the environment and people, and secondly because of the proper functioning of electrical devices. Safety in electrical installations and connections comes through their proper performance.

We will help you to make the best technical choice

We offer the following services:

• Planning – Creating a plan and setting priorities for improving your existing electrical system or a new installation designed for optimum performance and efficiency.

  • Installation– We offer expert assistance to ensure that your products and equipment are installed in accordance with the manufacturer specifications and are ready to work safely. Make sure that your products and equipment will function properly after installation and you will receive advice from the best experts for sustainable operation.

  • Maintenance– Непланираните прекини се ризик што не можете да си го дозволите. Нашиот целосен пакет на услуги за работа овозможува да ги донесувате најдобрите практики за да го минимизирате времето на прекин при што можете да го контролирате вашиот буџет и ресурсите за одржување. Ќе ви помогнеме да ги постигнете највисоките перформанси и достапност на вашата електрична инфраструктура додека ефикасно ги контролирате трошоците.

  • Optimization- Does your electrical system work safely? Our experts provide tailored recommendations for reducing risks and improving the efficiency and reliability of your electrical distribution system.
  • Renewal- Upgrade the outdated electrical installation using cost-effective modernization solutions. Our highly qualified technicians will help you meet the challenges associated with outdated equipment to improve the security, reliability and maintenance of the long life span of the electricity distribution infrastructure while controlling the costs associated with aging infrastructure.

Turn home, office or facilities into safer places

Securing your electrical system is a serious responsibility to preserve security. In order to enjoy a safer environment and uninterrupted power supply, it is essential to perform regular upgrades for the installation. FIBERNET M-K with leading technologies in the industry will achieve a higher level of security in the home, office or similar facilities. In the end, you get peace.

Here are some facts about how important is the security of the electrical installation:

- More than 70 million buildings in Europe do not have a secure electrical installation
- 40% of the victims with a fault in the electrical installation are children under 9 years of age
- More than 300,000 people suffer serious injuries from severe electrical faults annually
- About 12 people a day are victims of a fire caused by a fault in the electrical installation
- More than 50% of the fires are caused by a fault in the electrical installation
- The provision of the electrical installation costs an average of 5% of the value of the facility

Open communication lines are the best way to design and build secure and efficient electrical systems.

FIBERNET M-K performs low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

• Low voltage electrical installations
• High voltage electrical installations
• Creating switchgear cabinets
• Performance of UPS plants
• Electric power plants for power supply
• Installations for interior and exterior
• Grounding systems for objects
• Telephone installations using
telecommunication equipment
• Computer Networks
• Installations of aerial systems
• Installations of video surveillance systems
• Installation of alarm systems and access
control systems and recording of working
• Installation of fire protection systems
• Sound system installation

For successful and quality realization of electrical installations, we use products and solutions from the renowned brands EATON, Schneider Electric and CIMABOX