In modern buildings, emergency lighting is essential. In case of fire or some sort of disaster, this can save lives. In poorly lit objects, if you do not have proper lighting, serious injuries may occur. With emergency lighting, people can easily find the closest exit of the object when evacuating. Emergency lighting systems provide a fast, automatic emergency light in emergency situations when a mains power failure occurs and normal network lighting does not work.

The portfolio of products for panic illumination of FIBERNET M-K consists of:
- Lamps
(LED, Slim LED, 3D Light LED, Industrial Light)
- Light signs
(3D Light LEDs, Project LEDs Light, Lounge Light, Tunnel LEDs Light, Eco Light)
- Addressable lighting systems
  (Panels and lamps)
- Wireless emergency lighting systems
- Emergency lighting converters

Thanks to the innovative technologies that we use, our solutions have:
- Low power consumption
- Reduced negative impact on the
- Security lighting standards
- Energy efficiency

FIBERNET M-K uses products and solutions from the renowned brand OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS.