Simply said, telephony is a technology that provides distance communication, and IP telephony is the aspect of communication that is being implemented through a network infrastructure using Internet protocols. IP telephony is becoming a more popular form of communication, with the tendency to replace traditional PSTN telephone systems. IP telephony provides dramatic progress in communication systems. Using the advantage of IP telephony, the user can combine voice, video and multimedia technologies into a unified digital-based system. This creates the potential for enormous cost savings and increased productivity.

FIBERNET M-K provides a complete communication solution. From IP audio and video, through IP networking, to conference communication, and so much more. We deliver communication solutions with cutting edge features optimized to work together seamlessly. From the range of products for IP telephony we offer:

  • IP phones
    (audio and video)
  • - Conference communication devices
  • - IP cameras and video door phones
  • - Telephone exchanges
  • - Network devices
    (Routers, switches)
  • - Analog telephone adapters and devices

Every company needs technology and solutions for unified communications that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. In order to increase the mobility of the workforce, the systems we offer also have a smartphone application, by means of which such devices are linked to an existing telephone system. At the same time, customer service and competitiveness are improving. The unified communications system helps to facilitate the use of everyday technologies - audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, messaging, instant messaging and more. The incorporation of communications into business applications and processes creates a competitive advantage by increasing the responsibility of the enterprise and removing delays in business processes.



The advantages of IP telephony in terms of standard PSTN telephony are obvious:

• Supports up to 500 users
• Has encryption protection against unwanted intrusions
• Detailed phone call records
• Interactive answering machine
• Voice messages can be sent to e-mail
• Fax messages can be sent by e-mail
• A voice mailbox can be created
• A phonebook can be created
• Call waiting
• Option to record conversations
• Option for connecting an analogue telephone to a digital network

Turn your business into one big interaction at the same time. Our communication services help you increase your communication efficiency.

We offer these services:
• Planning and design
• Implementation and integration
• Optimization
• Technical support
• Service

FIBERNET M-K is an importer and distributor of IP telephony products from the renowned brand GRANDSTREAM.