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EATON Smart Homes

Electricity is only noticeable when it is gone. It sounds ironic, but it really is. Whether it's those moments when the hair dryer is needed or the neighbor has no lights, those rare moments make us truly appreciate electricity, to the point where we often take it for granted in our homes.

Electricity keeps our food cold, our water hot, it simply keeps our lives moving every day. FIBERNET M-K works with a portfolio of brands that help maintain the safety and reliability of electricity. With the help of some devices, homes are protected from fire and overvoltage. LED lighting helps to increase energy efficiency, reduce bills for consumed electricity. In a word, we offer products that make it possible to create smart homes of the future.


Today, homes are more connected and automated than ever. Smart technology makes living so convenient that switches are a thing of the past. The lights are programmable. Thermostats are installed on almost every device. TVs respond to voice commands. Home security systems will notify you if an intruder appears or if you forgot to lock the door.

Eaton products serve to equip homes for today and tomorrow. A home automation system turns your phone into a remote control for your entire home. One app lets you control connected lighting, thermostat, garage doors, locks, security system and more. But it is important that the home is smart.


The safety of our home gives us the freedom to escape from reality, get into a book with a hot cup of coffee, enjoy a hot bath, or simply snuggle under a blanket.


Rain or shine, day or night, Eaton helps keep your home safe and secure. From power transformers that keep the power flowing in your home, from surge and fire protection systems, to outdoor security lighting and motion sensors, Eaton is behind it all, keeping homes safe, along with everything inside them.

Every homeowner worries about their budget and faces rising energy costs. The good news is, regardless of the age or size of your home, it can be energy efficient. Lowering your monthly bill has a positive impact on the environment.


Eaton offers energy saving solutions through the broadest and most reliable line of ultra-efficient LEDs. Timers and lighting control further energy consumption.


From basic necessities to incredible luxury, electricity is essential, and we're here to make sure it works.