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Peronda, a leading Spanish ceramic tile manufacturer, has chosen the highly efficient Ultron DPS series of high efficiency UPS devices to protect its critical applications.

The Peronda UPS replacement project was born out of an efficiency and comparative study of 3 installed 200 kVA UPS versus an Ultron DPS 200 kVA UPS, with actual measurements at Peronda's facilities. The installation of the new Delta UPS improved the current efficiency from 90% to 96% and contributed to a significant improvement in the input harmonic distortion (iTHD) due to the patented three-phase PFC system, which achieved a very interesting TCO for the customer with a maturity of less than two years due to energy efficiency.

The advantages of the DELTA UPS were the technical characteristics of the DPS series focused on the industrial world with a very wide input range, as well as the performance of the DELTA tests in Madrid which were very satisfactory.

The UPS protects the kilns and the ceramic production line; these furnaces must operate 24/365. In the event of a power outage, the ceramic production process can stop and cause high costs due to loss of production, high costs due to kiln maintenance and loss of working time. Also worth noting is the installation of 6 Delta Ultron HPH 30 kVA UPS for the protection of printers decorating ceramics. A power outage will also cause a loss of production.

For Peronda, the implementation of a reliable and efficient backup power solution was a critical task to prevent the loss of material and hours during the maintenance of the entire production.

Finally, for this leading ceramic manufacturer, both Ultron DPS and Ultron HPH solutions were successful. Without additional hardware, the Ultron DPS and HPH Series UPS also offer a flexible and easy way to expand total output power to meet business growth.