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A thermal imaging camera is an effective screening device for detecting individuals with elevated body temperature. This type of monitoring could provide a rapid approach to screening high-traffic areas, such as airports, hospitals, office buildings and other areas where people congregate, to identify those whose body temperature is elevated.

Using a non-contact screening solution is one of the current measures to quickly detect people with elevated body temperature. The detection method is designed to aid in the initial screening of EST, using medical equipment to further confirm symptoms, while reducing manual testing time and safety risk for those involved in the process.

Hikvision's temperature screening solution, with different product types and a wide range of applications, is designed to detect skin surface temperatures to achieve fast and safe initial screening in public places. Its flexibility means it can be used in a multitude of scenarios.


Meanwhile, efficiency and cost are important to users. The question is, what is the best solution for their needs?


Quick deployment temperature check

In high-traffic situations, such as city traffic (train station, bus station, subway, airport, etc.), buildings (such as schools, parks, office buildings, shopping malls, etc.), a scheme can be used to temporary temperature screening. Rapid deployment is achieved separately with various devices (thermographic cameras / thermographic handheld cameras / metal detector doors, etc.)


This rapid deployment temperature probe is economical and practical, and the deployment and subsequent disassembly process is easy and convenient. Temperature measurement accuracy is guaranteed to be within 0.5°C or 0.3°C (with a body calibrator) to meet the needs of initial testing.

Temperature overview with access control

In enterprises, schools, factories, communities and other indoor areas where people move, the MinMoe non-touch wall temperature checking terminal (DS-K1T671TM-3XF) can be used. The touchless nature of the terminal makes access easier and safer, suitable for long-term access control temperature testing for any high traffic building.

Temperature patrol examination

The temperature measurement patrol inspection solution can also be called a manual inspection program. It can be quickly deployed at fixed emergency entrances and exits, for example at outdoor events or construction sites or checkpoints. It can also be used for flexible inspection at fast exits, booths and drives.

And, not only that. Hikvision's thermography cameras support simultaneous temperature screening of multiple people, which can greatly improve detection efficiency in complex scenarios.


And, there's more. In addition, for some countries or regions that require people to wear masks, Hikvision also provides a solution that includes DeepinMind NVR as well as thermography cameras. This provides a special interface that can visually display temperature status even while wearing a protective mask.


Some of Hikvision's thermal temperature inspection products are already used in airports, seaports, office buildings and other places where many people gather around the world. They provide rapid and efficient screening as an important part of the fight to maintain public safety and aid public health management.