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Very few homes in Macedonia have a fire detection system. By installing these systems, you will not only protect your home from fire, but you will protect your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of one.

Your investment can be gone in ten minutes. Everything you own can go up in flames, and what the fire won't destroy, the water that the fire department will use to contain the fire will. Fire detection can also mean protecting the lives of employees and the property you are protecting. Detection is done with smoke sensors, heat sensors and flame sensors. Connected to a system that can be conventional or addressable, that is, each sensor has its own address and name depending on where the sensor is placed. It contributes to quickly locating the source of fire in a complex building that has many rooms.

In order to reduce the consequences of a fire, it is important to detect the fire at an early stage. For early detection of the fire, physical quantities are used that characterize its occurrence, such as the presence of smoke, an increase in temperature or the appearance of a flame.

According to the importance they have in the protection of buildings, as well as property and people in them, fire protection (PP) systems should certainly have priority over all other security systems. Namely, if the fire is not detected, reported and diverted in time, its consequences can be catastrophic. Therefore, with the positive legal regulations in our country, PP systems are mandatory for all major public facilities.